cows wish they made dairy this creamy


good by design

We’ve made the first plant-based dairy products that require no sacrifice, ever. Creamier than ice cream, cheesier than cheese, milkier than milk–products so good even cows are jealous. It’s not a dairy alternative, it’s a dairy sequel.


ice creamier than ice cream

If you want to make the best-tasting ice cream, don’t limit yourself to cow milk.

Eclipse Ice Cream is the first plant-based ice cream that is indistinguishable from dairy ice cream. Creamy and rich, without compromise. And we took it a step further. Our ice cream is free from all common allergens–no soy, nuts, wheat, or lactose. Unbelievably creamy.


how we do it

We looked at the composition of milk and rebuilt it from the ground up, using plants. And we did it in a kitchen, where all the best food we’ve had comes from. Using our milk (literally, our secret sauce), we can create ice cream that’s unbelievably creamy, cheese that’s absurdly cheesy, and much, much more. They’re the best dairy products under the sun.