Plant-based dairy. For people who love dairy.


dairy flavor. NOT dairy baggage.


Eclipse makes plant-based dairy products that are indistinguishable from animal dairy products. Seriously, you can’t tell the difference.

Using our novel plant-processing technology, we are able to give you the amazing dairy flavor, texture, and functionality you love without the health, environmental, and welfare issues attached to traditional dairy. It’s that simple.

Be part of the solution - Eclipse dairy!


Eclipse Founders


Aylon Steinhart

Aylon is an expert in the alternative protein industry and has spoken regularly on food innovation at conferences and schools such as Harvard, MIT, Yale, Berkeley, and Stanford. In his work at the Good Food Institute, Aylon incubated dozens of startups and advised investors and strategic partners on the protein alternative space. Aylon has co-founded two startups and has worked with companies such as Kraft Heinz, Nestle, and Kellogg’s.


Thomas Bowman

Thomas is a world-renowned product developer, food scientist, and chef. As the former Director of Product Development at JUST, Thomas created and scaled some of the best selling plant-based products in market, such as JUST Mayo, Cookie Doughs, and Dressings. Thomas has also chef’d or staged at a total of 16 Michelin star restaurants, was named Zagat 30 Under 30, and was twice nominated for the James Beard Rising Star Chef award.